Michael Chernoff
In todays world of here today/gone tomorrow, it is rare to find an individual who has been consistently doing the same thing for his entire working career. Fortunately for his clients, Michael Chernoff is just that; a one of a kind Risk/Insurance professional who takes the time to understand the needs of his clients and see that their lives and assets are protected.
Starting in 1975, his first ten years were spent at Met Life, an industry icon and storied company by anyone’s standards. It was a great ten years.

Truly an entrepreneur, Michael wanted to innovate; to create a firm that filled the growing need around utilizing cutting edge risk management products combined with world-class client service. (“People first, paperwork second,†an office mantra promises our clients that service never take a backseat to bureaucracy and paperwork) Armed with this vision, an eye on greatness and a ton of real world experience he moved his family to Tampa where he founded Insurance and Trust, currently a second-generation family-owned boutique agency.

Fast-forward to today; Michael’s vision for building an organization that protects the hard earned wealth and assets of his clients has become a reality. From his commitment to mentoring his up and coming staff to conducting the exhaustive research required to creatively bundle products that maximize protection while lowering cost, he has become the “go-to†resource for his high net worth clients (Whose requirements are both intricate and complex) as well as those just starting out with a new home and growing family.

Always the consummate professional, Michael is a true collaborator. He works as an advisor and Subject Matter Expert on personal lines to owners of high-end art/wine/coin collections who need peace of mind as well as those with multiple homes and/or boats/jets who understand the importance of a trusted confidant.

Michael is also an expert on the utilization of Life Insurance as a strategic business tool. His expertise extends to working with clients to support unexpected requirements for liquidity (Paying estate tax, loans coming due, personal/business needs) as well as assisting business proprietors seeking an exit strategy

Mr. Chernoff and his talented team specialize in liability, home, automobile, collections, yachts, and jets. (He even handles kidnap and ransom for his, shall we say, more interesting clients.) The Insurance and Trust team has relationships with the most progressive and forward thinking insurance carriers nationally to assure his clients. IAT insures some of the brightest minds and most successful families both nationally and internationally – most times all on one policy and with one simple bill Licensed in most every state in the US access to the latest options and services available resulting in the secure feeling that their world is protected through their IAT relationship.