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Taking Care of You is What We Do Best

Since 1984, Insurance and Trust has been committed to a philosophy of providing the very best service to our clients. This commitment has allowed us to grow into a full-service insurance agency serving individuals and families in the Tampa area. In fact, Insurance and Trust has not only retained our clients over the last 25 years, we also work with the children and grandchildren of our original clients after having earned their trust.

Earning the trust of our clients has always been a priority at Insurance and Trust. We recognize that the high value homes and personal assets of our clients require unique protection from loss. Insurance and Trust has the experience to identify, appraise, secure and protect these valuable items by creating individualized policies for our clients.

We package our policies by culling from a carefully selected group of the most financial-sound and reputable insurance companies in the country, giving you peace-of-mind that you’ll receive fair and prompt payment should the need arise.

“Our top priority is earning the trust of our clients, and our greatest source of pride is that we’ve done so.”

     -Michael Chernoff, President Insurance and Trust

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