High Net Worth Protection

If you are reading this content, you are aware of three interesting facts:

  1. You understand the importance of managing and insuring risk.
  1. You know that you have worked too long and hard to fail to protect your assets.
  1. You are either a high net worth individual or are close to becoming one.


If these above mentioned facts are correct, please read on.

High net worth individuals come from all walks of life. Some inherit a bit and build upon it; some attain their high net worth from zero through the creation of business and twenty hour workdays, Others do it through investing and/or real estate.

Just how you became a high net worth individual is your business but protecting your assets is ours. From multiple homes and boats to coin collections, aircraft and vacation properties, we at Insurance and Trust are experts at never having to call and ask that very scary question: am I covered?

My name is Michael Chernoff and you can read about me here. Long story short, I have been working with families all over the United States to see that their assets are protected for the last 40 years and I am really good at what I do. I want to take this moment to personally invite you to call me at 813-933-7333 so that we might set up a time to talk about your assets, risk profile and my ability to help you to be protected.

Joining Michael in his quest to support you are Jeff Chernoff and Jennifer Versaggi, both talented risk professionals who are here to answer any of your questions as they work very closely with me on the ins and outs of protecting high net worth individuals.

The bottom line is simple; bad things happen every day. A vacation home burns during construction before the correct insurance is in place. Someone borrows a family car and crashes through the front of a supermarket. These things happen every single day. I urge you to call me because even the smallest of risk can turn into a nightmare if your assets are not adequately protected.


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