We all value different things.
Some of us value the security of work, others value the comfort of family or the feeling that comes from the enjoyment of our German cars and vacation homes. Others simply value that very first starter home we just purchased. The acquisition of these assets, usually comes from years of hard work and very serious effort and we deserve them because we earn them. As such, the last thing we ever want to do, is lose the assets we worked so hard to acquire.

Day after day, we move forward and utilize our smarts and our energy to create our own personal American dream.Sadly, we seldom talk about the monster in the room; the white elephant called risk because risk frightens us and as such, we avoid it. Risk is the enemy because it is the very opposite, the antithesis of our hopes and dreams. Truth be told, we know that it can set us back for years should ever visit upon us.

Most of us quietly believe that losses only happen to the other person but the reality is that if your risk profile is not tightly managed, into can easily happen to you. Whether you are a young couple with your very first apartment or a high net worth individual adding a wine collection to that summer home you always wanted in Vermont, risk is always lurking in the background.

The simple reality is that risk will not be mitigated until you work with a professional to face it down and do what is required to insure your life against its dangers. I could sit here and write endlessly of your need to meet with a qualified professional; one who will go through your assets line by line and learn about who you are and your plans for the future but a lecture is unwarranted because you already know all of this.

The purpose of this article is not to harangue you, it is not to sell you, and it is not to frighten you. It is to give the reader a slight nudge, gently raise awareness and inspire you to act; to pick up the phone and talk with a risk assessment professional who will work with you to minimize your exposure and help you to create a financial and asset scenario will work for your particular circumstances. As with many things in life with which we do not wish to deal, the hardest part is making that very first step.

I urge you make it. To to pick up the phone and talk with an insurance and risk professional who can take the time to see that the life you are building is insured from the random events that we read about in the newspaper every day because being totally honest, to the other person, it is you is the other person.

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